14 Appreciative Gifts For Generous Professors 

Everyone dreams of being successful in their way. Though dreams and niches in which we aspire to excel differ, the path that leads to success almost remains the same. It starts with education. We could talk all about self-motivation and perseverance but that initial push from a dedicated educator is the inception of our journey. If you are in that state of your life where the work before you is filled with opportunities and you have incredible teachers to guide you along the way, learn to express your gratitude. Even if you have graduated some time ago it is never too late to thank your professors for helping you out in life. A simple thank you goes a long way. Along with sweet words amaze your professor with productive gifts. Here is a list of exciting gifts for your professor. 

Succulent planter

Being surrounded by green works like therapy. With plants around, no room can look too gloomy. An artistic ceramic succulent planter is a must for enlivening up any cabin or working space. 

Customized Cupcakes & muffins

A handful of personalized sweet treats for your favorite professor is something he/she could never expect. Sudden home delivery of luscious sweet trees with thank you notes from delicious cake makers or an online cake shop could amaze your professor. 

Cup holder desk clip

Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of mark sheets and workbooks waiting to be evaluated. Bring professor us harder than it sounds. A caffeine boost once in a while is necessary to get through everyday work pressure. A cup holder desk clip is a great idea to have coffee in peace without gearing about spilling the whole on important papers. 

Desk organizer 

A smart desk organizer with defined space for every essential possibly lying around in the working desk of a professor is something that every educator should have. 

Tea gift set 

Not everyone is flatter by the aroma of coffee. A tea gift set with a variety of beneficial tea bags and leaves is a great asset for anyone who likes to turn to tea for comfort and relief. 

Lunch tote bag

Trendy tote bags specially designed to carry lunch boxes are quite useful for professors who intend to eat healthy home-cooked food while ditching junk from the canteen. 

‘Read the syllabus’ cup

A statement cup speaking loud about the incredible profession is something exciting to give especially to your favorite teacher. ‘Read the syllabus cup’ is quirky, fun, useful, and will cater to the needs of your striving professor. 

Sweet treats

Retreating to the topic of sweets, a box of chocolates and toffees in a variety of fun flavors including sweet, sour, and spicy will give your professor a deja vu taking him/her back to childhood days. An unexpected doorstep delivery somewhat similar to online cake delivery in Amritsar would add to the surprise element. 

Wireless laser pointer

Talking about useful gifts dir professor and forgetting to mention wireless gadgets that will aid in leaving is quite unfair. A wireless laser pointer is something every professor should have to ace every class presentation. 

Lap table

A lightweight portable lap table is a must especially given the pandemic scenarios where educators can choose but take their work home. A practical lap table will help them in taking online classes or simply provide an even surface on which they can evaluate worksheets even while sitting in their beds. 

Periodic table cutting board

An exclusive periodic table cutting board is a great way of combining education with cooking. Your professor would have a nice time chopping veggies whole starting with chemical formulas. 

‘Trust me’ glasses

‘Trust me, I am a professor’ glasses are cool gifts for teachers who love to own funky crockeries and dining essentials. 

To be or not to be pencils

Personalized stationery is always a great idea when it comes to professors but try something new with ‘to be or not to pencil’. 

Conversation starter deck 

Even professors go through a hard tone in their work. Not every day is smooth like butter. Often difficult students might shake their routines. A useful deck of conversation starters could help your professor stay ready to initiate meaningful conversations with introverted students.