How to choose the right packaging for your merchandise

How to choose the right packaging for your merchandise

Find out which packaging is best suited to your product

As each product is different, there are different types of packaging, so choosing the right packaging is essential to prevent our materials from suffering possible blows.

Good packaging will save costs for your company

The protection of our most fragile items is one of the main issues that we must take into account when transporting them. As a leading packaging company, Case media Packaging S.L.U. It has a wide catalog of boxes, trunks, and other types of packaging that adjust to the needs of each client.

Packaging for audiovisual material

If our profession is related to the audiovisual world, among our functions will be the handling and daily transfer of fragile and valuable merchandise.

If we need to transport a television camera, the most suitable for its protection will be a specific flight case for this item, covered in polyethylene foam that adapts to the shape of our camera and other holes created for the different pieces.

If we want to transport our mobile lights, there are flight cases with capacity for two, four and eight units. The interior of the transport box is covered with polyethylene foam, guaranteeing greater protection of the merchandise. Casemedia offers us a wide range of cardboard boxes for spotlights from brands such as Britex, Martin, or Triton Blue.

For concerts, festivals, and events it is necessary to transport loudspeakers, and for this a specific flight case is recommended, where the interior of the packaging is covered with polyethylene foam, avoiding friction and movement of the material.

Likewise, there is a specific packaging for audio tables and computers. These types of flight cases are perfectly suited to our equipment and are protected both inside and out.

If, on the other hand, we prefer another type of material other than steel, there are wooden boxes with reinforced aluminum angles that guarantee the protection of our merchandise.

Packaging for small parts

If what we want to transport are small parts and we want light packaging that takes up little space, briefcases are the best option. In this sense, there are specific cases for sanitary equipment with different compartments.

The commercials, to move the samples that they are going to sell, use trolley-type cases covered with cross-linked polyethylene foam, ideal so that the materials do not move inside.

Plastic cases are also a good option if we are looking for faster, less heavy, and simpler packaging.

In short, that our materials and work equipment arrive in perfect condition at their destination depends mainly on how we transport them. In addition, good packaging will save costs for the company, as we will avoid damage to products and optimize space by saving on logistics. Therefore, choosing the right packaging for our product is essential.